Introducing Candor Developments


1) The state or quality of being frank, open and sincere.

2) Freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality.

When Isaac Bale and Clayton Frank created Candor Developments Inc. they wanted their name to serve as a vision statement for the company as it grew. A name that would always bring them back to their roots and remind them of who they want to be as builders.

For over 10 years Isaac has been the owner/operator of Swell Contracting. Swell has established itself as a leading framing/foundation company here in the Comox Valley that completed over 30 homes to ‘lock up’ in 2017. 

Clayton started his career in real estate at UBC in 2008 as a student at the Sauder School of Business. Since then he has been a project coordinator for various construction companies in Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. 

Together, Candor is a company built on over 20 years of friendship and construction experience. We look forward to building quality homes here in the Comox Valley for decades to come. 


At Candor Developments, we understand that building homes is more than just a process of materials. Whether it is building a spec. house for the purpose of selling, or working with a client to build their dream home, it is all part of an experience. We strive to make that experience as easy as possible for all our clients.

We love our customers, so feel free to set up an appointment during normal business hours!